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Olympians Have Changed Over The Last 100 Years

AsapScience shows us how:

This Pretty Much Illustrates My Week in Beverages

A Cell Cycle

As a Former High School teacher and life-long educator, I still keep in touch with many of the teachers I have worked with over the years.  A science teacher who I worked with down in Texas sent me this picture. His school is looking at buying new biology textbooks for the next school year.  He found this on one of the pages.  Remember, this is a High School Textbook, not middle or elementary school!

Poor Squirrel

Russia May Have Lost in Olympic Hockey...

...but they still have this statue.  It is on the highest point of the Battlefield that saw the Battle of Stalingrad.  The statue is named "The Motherland Calls".  It is one badass statue!  I have visited it and it is very impressive.

Here is a documentary video on it:

If you ever make it to Russia, give it a visit!

I Can Smell Him

I can smell him, fresh and cologne or aftershave to give him away! I'll never be able to tell who he is, but his nice big cock is waiting for me and as I wrap my lips around him I find that I don't care! I feel so free as I give his delicious cock all the attention it deserves!

Holy Ripped Jeans!

With The U.S. Vs. Canada Hockey Semi-Final Looming, Canada Dry Switches Sides

I guess this shows where Canada Dry's Heart really is...

I Never Knew Leotards Could Be So Sexy!

Nice Boots

This Sexy Babe has a nice pair of Boobs...Boots!  Those Thigh High Boots go on forever!  The fantasies I am having right now.  Excuse me for about 10 minutes!

I Never See Hitchhikers that Look Like This

I would pick them up...of course it would probably end with me being robbed and car-jacked - left on the side of the road to die while the hottie drives off to Mexico...

Alejandra Espinoza Cruz - Hottie of the Day

Alejandra Espinoza Cruz is a Mexican beauty queen, Model, and TV presenter.  

Check out our Former Hotties of the Day!

What Your Favorite Map Projection Says About You

I'm a Robinson Man Myself!

Sometimes I Procrastinate

Sometimes I procrastinate and she has to find a way to motivate me...usually it doesn't take too much persuasion. She can be very, very persuasive!

I Don't Think A Pic of Her Eye is What She Wanted

Breaking Bad Meets Dr. Seuss

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